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Piers Cawley practices punditry

Bakehouse Diary

Week two – SQL

Not much progress on the “getting the oven ready front this week”. I sheared another machine screw!

Drat! Another machine screw sheared

At least this one was on the retaining bar that holds the oven soles in place; I’d rather not have sheared it, but since I’m going to be drilling stuff out anyway, it’s not the end of the world. Basically I’m blocked on doing much more with the oven ‘til I’ve moved the decks and got them the right way up rather than on their sides because I don’t want to undo the last screw in the retaining bar and cope with a couple of large lumps of metal and (possibly) the insulation and heating elements falling out. Once the ovens are the right way up, gravity will be my friend.

So, I’m going to talk about the software side of things.

Bakehouse Diary

Week one – Rust

Almost a year ago now, I hired a tail lift van and hared off down to the Isle of Wight to fetch my lovely ‘new’ deck oven.

They don’t make ‘em like this any more

Static migration

Finally catching up with Dominus

If you’re reading this, I finally got my act together and shifted this blog over from Publify (Née Typo) to a static site generated by Hugo.

I wish I’d done it earlier.

We Deserve Better

A short history of a broken consensus

A long time ago

One hundred years ago, we got caught up in a really stupid war. War’s never what you’d call a good idea, but the first world war is the benchmark of stupidity (unless you’re Michael Gove, but he’s fast becoming the new benchmark of stupidity).

Something strange happened at the end of the war. In 1914, only around 30% of the adult population had the vote. By February 1918, a general election was years overdue. The Russians had killed the Tsar and were embracing communism; the women’s suffrage movement was threatening to start up again; and millions of returning soldiers — men used to violence by now — would have no say in how they would be governed.