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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-01-09

This week marks Matt Fowles’s first Summary posted on Just A Summary (here’s hoping it won’t be the last). We have been writing the Perl 6 Summary on alternate weeks since early last year when Piers returned from attempting to be a Maths teacher and had the time to write summaries again.

So, here’s Matt’s take on the week, complete with props to a troll. Now we know why the summary was late.

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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2006-01-01

Another year, another summary. You might think I’m going to summarize
the events of the whole year, but it turns out that chromatic’s
already done it. So in the spirit of laziness, I’ll just point you at
his year end summary.


Sadly for us all, he doesn’t go into enough detail on the events of
the last week for me to go straight into the coda. I shall have to
talk to him about next year.

This week sees a big non-technical change in the Pugs camp, lots of
roadmapping and implementation in the Parrot camp, and a more and more
concrete feel of what the language is going to look like in the
perl6-language camp.

Pretty much business as usual really.

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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-12-18

Welcome to another Perl 6 summary. This has been a week of shootouts,
cleanups, relationships and cunning translations. Read on for the
details (or, this being a summary, pointers to the details).

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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-12-04

I heard a rumour on the London.pm mailing list week. Apparently the Perl 6 Summaries are no longer being ublished. As I’m sure you can imagine, it came as something of a surprise to me.

This week has been all about Parrot, Leo’s got the new lexical scheme, calling conventions and exception handlers working and made Parrot stricter about arguments. The end of the week saw the release of ‘Luthor’, version 0.4.0 of Parrot.

Read on for more details…

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Perl 6 Summary: Week ending 2005-11-27

Another week passes. Another summary is written. Another sentence is written in the passive voice.

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Perl 6 Summary for the fortnight ending 2005-11-13

Welcome to another fortnight’s worth of summary. We’ll get back to a weekly
schedule one of these fine days, you see if we don’t.

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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-10-30

Thursday afternoon and I've only just started writing the summary…
What happened to professionalism?
What happened to rigid,
albeit self-imposed deadlines?

I've had a cold.
The cats ate my homework.

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The Perl 6 Summary 2005-10-09

Welcome to the first of my self-hosted Perl 6 Summaries.

Loads of stuff's been happening this week. The perl6-internals crew have been making everything work properly with Parrot 0.3.0 and generally doing housekeeping prior to the next big push. The perl6-language people have been continuing their ongoing task of nailing bits of Perl 6 down, except for the bits where they're suggesting new features. And the perl6-compiler people seem to have been rather too busy discussing stuff on IRC and then implementing it to post much to the mailing list.

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