Just a Summary

Piers Cawley practices punditry

The Meaning of Soundpost

Do you know Soundpost? They’re awesome. In March 2011 I (and everyone else on the Royal Traditions mailing list I suspect) got some email from Fay Hield talking about her “exciting plans” to run a “weekend of singing workshops, talks and socialising with some of the finest and most thought provoking singers on the English folk scene.” and wanted to gauge interest and suggestions as to what sort of sessions we’d be interested in.

MacOS Sierra Niggles

I shouldn’t be surprised. Every time I upgrade the OS on my Macbook a few little behaviours I’d taken for granted start breaking. It’s just the way of the world. Here’s a couple of things I’ve fixed already

Bakehouse Diary

Weeks 3–11 - Hurry Up and Wait

Doesn’t time fly when there’s nothing much you can be doing? Right now we’re pretty much where we are back in week three, except that Dad is slowly progressing on building the lifting frame which we’re going to use to reassemble the deck oven in my garage so I can finish the process of either getting the rust off the soles, or replacing them with ‘stone’. Apparently steel has been ordered so it’s just a matter of time.

Bakehouse Diary

Week 3 – Musical interlude

It’s the first week in August. As soon as I finished my programming work, I drove down to Sidmouth for a couple of days of folkie immersion.

Photographic evidence